Arcanum – Staggering Farming Layout for Town Hall 9

I am a big fan of labyrinth Clash of Clans layouts style because they are pretty beautiful and most attackers are very confused while attacking as well as can’t predict traps and unexpected funnels.

So here is Arcanum, an unique farming base layout for Town Hall 9 by mattyy!




Arcanum’s Farming Layout Features:

  • Balanced Resource Protection for all Storages.
  • The unique continuous ring can easily redirect all defense targeting troops (Giants,Hog Riders,…) around the base and through traps in stead of going into the core. This unique style can anti-Jump in most cases.
  • Anti-Archer-Queen core: The enemy Archer Queen can’t hit your Dark Elixir Storage unless all outside buildings get taken down. Definitely this is one of the most important feature that must be added in all farming bases.
  • Centralized Clan Castle = very difficult to lure troops out. If you want to use this base layout for pushing Trophy, simply replace the Dark Elixir Storage with the Clan Castle.
  • Anti-Earthquake Spells. No matter how many Earthquake the attackers use,they can’t change the pathing of the base.
  • Air Bombs don’t protect Air Defenses to counter Lava Hound strategies and deal withMinions as well as Balloons.
  • Looks sexy.

How does this farming layout work?

Arcanum can easily split a large number of Giants and Hogs. The white lines in the screenshot below denotes the pathings of Giants/Hog Riders. As you can see, a group of Giants can be split, hit by lots of defenses and trigger as many traps as possible.


As I mentioned at starting, it is extremely hard to predict traps in this base layout. Sending couples of troops for testing traps is totally useless.


Defense Logs

Currently I don’t have much decent defense logs because most attackers just snipe Town Hall and then leave. I will try to update more defense logs in the future.

If you have any decent defense logs, please comment to help us improve this page.


Thanks mattyy again for this great farming base layout. Hope you like it guys!