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How you should construct your village is going to depend on what type of Clash of Clans base builder you are exactly. For example, if your primary reason for playing the game is farming you’re going to want to set things up a little differently than if you want to go out and pillage every single item from every other village in your path. By the time you’re finished reading this relatively short article you’ll be an expert builder in the Clash of Clans game, regardless of what your playing style happens to be. Here are top 3 strategies of Clash of clans builder which will help you to create your stunning empire in the game.


The Correct Town Hall Placement Should Be Your First Priority

The Town Hall is a pretty important factor in the Clash of Clans game – It’s overall health and well-being can pretty well determine whether you’ll have success in the game or whether you’ll end up failing. The most common place you’ll see them is in the center of a village, but depending on how you’re playing the game you might have a little bit of wiggle-room as to where you can place it. Here are three places to put your Town Hall and how to utilize their placement optimally.

1. In The Center Of Your Village


This isn’t necessarily the best idea, but it’s certainly the most common area for Town Hall placement for the fighting Clash of Clans builder. Here’s the thing – Putting this incredibly crucial building dead center of your village will make it a major target for any incoming enemy troops, meaning that unless it has ample protection by its side it’ll likely sustain a whole lot of damage. If you insist on placing your Town Hall in the center of your village make sure that you have some heavy defense on your side to keep it covered – A couple of Hidden Tesla’s and Wizard Towers should do the trick (obviously this is only plausible in later levels, but still definitely worth mentioning).

2. In A Safe Corner


This is probably the smartest idea if you’re playing the game offensively. Not only does it make it slightly harder for your enemy troops to get to (which means it’s likely to sustain less damage), but it’s also super easy to protect this way – All you need to do is throw a decent number of walls up around it and you should be good to go.

3. Take A Risk And Place It Outside The Protection Of Your Walls


This method is really going to be effective for the Clash of Clans builder that’s more interested in playing the game for its farming aspects than attacking everyone in sight, and when executed correctly it almost always catches your enemy completely off-guard. By placing your Town Hall outside the protection of your walls, it becomes a super easily accessibly raid target for your enemies. When they tear it down, you’ll get a shield over your village for a number of hours (dependent on how badly everything was damaged during the raid) – Use that protection time wisely to strengthen your resources, troops, and buildings as much as you possibly can. Once the time is over and your base is much stronger than it was when the attack happened, you can take your enemy by surprise by issuing a payback attack of strengths they won’t be expecting.

This type of ‘sneak attack’ is a simplistic yet great strategy that can be utilized by any player that wants to fool their enemy’s by letting them think that they walked away with an easy victory. When executed correctly, you’ll likely be able to walk away with even more resources than were stolen from you in the first place.

Place Your Walls Wisely


After your Town Hall, the second most important aspect in successfully making it through the game is proper wall placement. Ideally, you want to place your most valued buildings and resources within the confinement of your walls. The ones that aren’t as useful to you can be placed outside of them where they’re more likely to take up your invader’s resources. There are three basic ways to protect your most valuable things with walls:

– One long single wall around the outer of your base.

– More durable protection from invasions with addition of another wall, making a double layer.

– An intricate wall segment with several different layers lined up next to each other.

If you want to get really crafty with your wall placement, leave a single gap in the middle of an intricate Wall setup – Attacking troops are likely to run right up into the open space where they’ll become incredibly easy targets for the splash damage that your more valuable defensive structures throw out. Your Walls will max out at level 11 – Upgrade them wisely for ample protection.

Make Sure You’re Protecting The Right Things

There are certain things that you want to make sure are protected by your walls, and other things that don’t matter as much. In order to be a successful Clash of Clans builder it’s important to know which is which. Here’s a quick list of the more valuable structures in the game:

– Your Defensive Buildings

devensive building

– The Town Hall (Unless you’re primarily farming. See above)


– Your Gold and Elixir storage buildings.

Gold Storage


Elixir Storage


These structures are most important for ample growth and protection within your village. Make sure that they’re well taken care of above all else. Other structures don’t matter so much. These include:

– The Spell Factory


– The Laboratory


– Barracks


– Army Camps


Placing a few traps on the outside of your protective Walls isn’t a bad idea either – They’ll help ward off enemy troops that are working on taking over your unprotected buildings. You don’t have to worry about protecting your Barracks and Army camps so much since they can be built up fairly quickly again in the event that they’re destroyed.

Now that you have a better idea of how to place everything within the game, you’re well on your way to becoming a master Clash of Clans builder! Take a look at some of our other articles to enhance your game-play even further.