3 Star Attacking Guide GoBoLaLoon

In this very guide, I’ll discuss one of the most used attacks nowadays, the GoBoLaLoon attack.It’s an overpowered strategy at TH9 and often used at TH10 – I’ve also seen this attack at TH11. Now, some of you may ask – Why GoBoLaLoon? Why not LaLoon/GoLaLoon? Although iit’sa very popular strategy now,s ome of you might be thinking, What is GoBoLaLoon? Well, I’m here to answer this questions and I’m sure at the end of this guide, hardly anyone of you will have any doubt about GoBoLaLoon.

Why GoboLaLoon instead of LaLoon/GoLaLoon?

As much as I’ve seen, since 2015 LaLoon is the most used attack of TH9 and onwards. The main criteria is to take care of air defenses and tank with the Lava Hounds for the Balloons.You can take a closer look here. Two of the most dangerous threats to LaLoon are:

  1. Defending AQ and
  2. Defending CC troops.

There comes the idea of GoLaLoon – you can take out the defending AQ and CC troops including 1 or 2 AD and start your LavaLoon easily (I’ll do a guide on GoLaLoon in near future for you guys).

I prefer GoBoLaLoon instead of GoLaLoon, because of the Bowler’s ability of splash damaging two building in a straight line next to each other. This will help you to dig deeper into a base and sometimes you can take out a third Air Defense (or even the 4th one in rare cases).

How GoBoLaLoon Works

If you don’t know what GoBoLaLoon is, Its just a modified version of LaLoon and GoLaLoon which requires Golems(GO), Bowlers(BO), Lava Hound(LA) and Balloons.

The main criteria of this attack strategy is to take out 2 Air Defenses, the defending AQ and defending CC troops with your kill squad which includes your Golem(s), some Wizards, Heroes and Bowlers. For TH10 and TH11, It’ll be great if you can take out an Inferno Tower (or both) and/or the Eagle Artillery.

Then you can simply start your LavaLoon and clean up the rest with some of your clean up Wizards, Archers, Goblins etc.

Which Townhall levels does Gobolaloon work?

  • Townhall 9-11

Main Purpose of this attack strategy:

Clan War.This strategy needs a lot of in-depth scouting and it is not suitable for every base so I recommend not to use this for Trophy Pushing.

Pros of GoBoLaLoon:

  1. Extremely overpowered at Th9 and works fine enough at  TH10 and TH11
  2. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll hardly get a 1 or 2 star but go for the 3-Star victory

Cons of GoBoLaLoon:

  1. Needs higher levels of both of the heroes(AQ is a must-have)
  2. Needs maxed level of Golem, Balloon and Hound depending on your Townhall level.

Troop Composition For GoBoLaLoon

For Town Hall 9: