Battle Ram Tips! August 2017 Update Ticker

The next update is on the horizon and it’s time to gather all important info in one place.

Make sure to check back here to see the latest info about the upcoming update for Clash of Clans.

It’s difficult to see what’s coming considering Supercell doesn’t have a fixed schedule for their updates or a fixed roadmap for new features. They seem to work more or less with “it’s done when it’s done” (at least they stick with what they say it will be).

I will always check any leak I find and if I see one that makes sense from a trustful source, I will immediately show it here – but also expect me to show fake leaks and tell you why they are fakes.

Clash of Clans August 2017 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.


Battle Ram Tips (August 4th, 2017)

The Battle Ram is available and it’s also offering a decent amount of Gems in the Battle Ram Event that you don’t want to miss with up to 250 Gems at Town Hall 11.

battle ram event in clash of clans

The thing is that you will need to win the battles and not just only use the Battle Ram which is more challenging than you might think – first things first, spamming all Battle Rams will not get you anywhere above 20% on Town Hall 9+ because it’s nothing else than just simply spamming Barbarians.

using battle ram coc

I tried it a couple of times and the Battle Ram bonus will often time be used when the Battle Ram hits some walls and then you have just a big group of Barbarians left.

I recommend you to use it in addition to your normal army and luckily you only need to use 5 of them.


battle ram victory


1 Gem Boost Started (August 2nd, 2017)

Happy Birthday Clash of Clans! For the next 7 days you’ll be able to boost your Mines, Collectors & Drills for 1 Gem each for 24 hours giving you double the income 🙂

In addition, due to so many doing this because it’s practically for free the loot will be so awesome during the next week! Get yourself ready for some awesome farming session and in case you did miss my recent farming guides, here they are:

Clashiversary Events & Seasonal Troop Battle Ram (August 1st, 2017)

In the past years, the anniversary of Clash of Clans has always been a 1 Week Gem Boost for the Collectors, but after last years’ Christmas Events with the Iec Wizard and Freeze Trap, we all knew that Supercell will celebrate events a lot bigger than before – and what would fit more than the 5 years anniversary of the most successful mobile game in history?

Settle up, there are a lot of seasonal things coming up but mind that they will only be available for a limited time! The Battle Ram, the Shrink Trap and the Builder Huts special will only be available during the events and then they will disappear again!

Here are some leaked footage of what’s coming and I really like what’s coming up!

clash of clans battle ram new troop

Those of you who play(ed) Cash Royale already know the Battle Ram – it’s 4 Barbarians running towards a building, deal damage on impact and then spawning 4 regular Barbarians – sounds like a lot of fun! I think I will miss them when they are gone after the event 🙁

Also we will see a Shrink Trap, that will simply make troops smaller and take away hitpoints and damage from them.

shrink trap clash of clans

The Builder Huts will also hold a secret during the Clashiversary Event, but it’s not revealed yet but I assume that they will spawn defending troops during the event.

clash of clans builder huts secret

builder hut for sale

Of course, there will also be a special seasonal decoration – the Birthday Cake! Removing it will cost 25,000 Elixir but reward you with 75,000 Elixir so a nice additional Elixir but I assume that most of you want it to stay in your village forever 🙂

birthday cake clash of clans

And last but not least, you can get a better idea of whats coming with these leaked screenshots of all events that will be available during Clashiversary:

battle ram coc and 1 gem boost

boom spell event clash of clans august 2017 update

shrink trap event

Looking forward to it? I do and I hope there’s more to come soon 🙂

Anniversary Packs & Maintenance Break (July 31st, 2017)

On August 2nd, Clash of Clans will turn 5 years old and Supercell will give us a Value Pack (and probably a 1 Week 1 Gem Boost for Collectors) – the Maintenance Break now will make the Value Packs available, but not the changes to the Clan War Matchmaking.

clashiversary value pack

Clan War Matchmaking & The Future of Engineering (July 30th, 2017)

Engineered Bases in Clan Wars are a hot-discussed topic within the whole Clash of CLans community for months now. If you’re not too familiar with it, I recommend you to start reading this article I wrote like 2 months ago that is still serving as a platform for very detailed discussion:

Well, if you have checked your News Tab in Clash of Clans during the weekend, you might have noticed that Supercell just released a statement they have been announcing last week.

Supercell Announcement on July 25th, 2017 regarding Clan War Matchmaking changes

Now we finally got the announcement that got announced (as weird as it sounds) and if you have read it yourself, you might ask yourself what it means because it literally doesn’t tell any specific:

clash of clans august 2017 update clan war matchmaking changes

If you have read my previously linked article, you might remember the issue with engineered bases for Supercell – the problem that a huge amount of people will be very mad when their engineered bases will get absolutely useless. The engineering community got constantly bigger and bigger in the past year and they have now so many members that their interests simply can’t be ignored, but engineering is a huge problem for casual players that are the largest part of the Clash community.

Now let’s get back to the Supercell announcement and what this whole thing means.

As far as I understand this whole thing, Supercell will address it in a way to try matching clans more equally – it means if the new system works than engineered clans will face other engineered clans, rushed clans against rushed clans and maxed clans against maxed clans and mixed clans against mixed clans. This means engineering would become less important because engineered bases will get matched more against equal bases.