Upgrade Heroes Correctly

Upgrading your Heroes is, on one hand, the most important thing to do in Clash of Clans and on the other hand also the most frustrating and annoying thing as well. Suit yourself because you will have to do it and there’s no way to avoid it if you want to have fun in Clash of Clans and the longer you wait, the more painful it will get for you. In this post, I’m hoping to show you how to coordinate the Hero Upgrades most efficiently and although there is no way to upgrade and still use them, there are however definitely some things to keep in mind before and duringtheir enhancement.

Upgrading Heroes… Pain & Gain

I want to give you some advice to the different Heroes – on one side the Barbarian King & the Archer Queen and the other two Heroes, the Grand Warden and the Battle Machine in your Builder Base as well.

First I will talk about some upgrade strategy and after that I will give you additional tips regarding farming the needed resources.

Upgrading Barbarian King & Archer Queen

There are lots of questions when it comes to upgrading your Heroes, one of the most important is whether to maintain the Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens level closer together or focus on upgrading one of them individually first?Here are my simple rules for that.

Here are my simple rules for that.


Keep your Heroes Level close together

Why should you keep your ‘Heroes’ Level on par with each other? Well, there are several things that make doing this the better strategy:

  1. Always keep one Hero active, so there is at least either a gallant King or Queen available to do your daily attacks, even if you probably won’t participate in Clan War
  2. Your attacking and defending will not be too unbalanced as would be when one of them is far ahead in Level. Imagine your AQ is Level 30 and your BK Level 10 – when you upgrade your AQ, your BK is much lower that you won’t be able to do attacks on the same level as with your AQ active.

Additionally, always bear in mind the significance of the ‘Level 5’ steps; each of your Heros will be enhanced either with the Barbarians Kings Iron Fist or the Archer Queens Royal Cloak boosting their potential damage a lot.

upgrade hero corectly graph iron fist dps

You can see the steps the Heroes take above. When for example your Archer Queen is at let’s say Level 17, and your Barbarian King is Level 19, you should consider upgrading the Barbarian King first. Moving up to Level 20 he will obtain the stronger Iron Fist and therefore the bigger boost thus offsetting the alternative value of what the Archer Queen would get moving onto Level 18.

 Upgrading the Grand Warden

Well, the Grand Warden is a little bit different in this context since he’s a supportive troop and his upgrades cost Elixir and not Dark Elixir.

grand warden attacking AI target

This allows you to combine the Grand Warden Upgrade along with your Archer Queen or Barbarian King, that’s less downtime when you’re going to Clan War frequently and farming the Elixir along with the Dark Elixir isn’t that big of a deal.

Upgrading the Battle Machine

New base, new Hero. I think most of us rolled their eyes when just hearing about a new Hero that will start an upgrading grind all over again.

battle machine tanking

Well, the Battle Machine is so far a relatively easy to upgrade Hero and upgrading it to Level 5 will be enough as the damage boost from Level 10 is not that big at all – all you need is the ability for now.

The Battle Machine has another big advantage when it comes to upgrading it – it will not be available during Versus Battles but the upgrading time with 2 days will let you get your full daily reward.

The daily reward will stack up to 2 days as well so you can just stop attacking during the upgrading time and get the reward on the next day. Read here all about the cooldowns:

Replace Upgrading Heroes

The hardest point about upgrading Heroes is not the high costs, it’s the absence during your attacks. They are so powerful, especially Level 30+, that attacking is quite hard without them.

I don’t know one solid War Clan that allows members to opt in for Clan War when one of their Heroes is upgrading, so skipping Clan War is something you will need to do during the upgrading period – keep in mind that this will not only be for your, it will also help your clan because they don’t have to give you additional support as you’re weak without all your Heroes.

On lower levels, you can try to farm enough Dark Elixir to make both Hero upgrades at the same time, but at the higher levels you will need to take your break.

For those who want to wait with Hero upgrades until Supercell will allow the usage of upgrading Heroes in Clan War:

Mythbuster! Before every update, there are tons of rumors that Supercell will let us use upgrading Heroes in Clan War, but they have been fake every single time.

 In fact, gemming the Hero upgrade time because of Clan War is one of the biggest income streams for Supercell, so chances that they will allow us to use upgrading Heroes is less than 1%

Don’t wait with the Hero upgrades, every one has to do it at one point!

Farming the Dark Elixir!

Farming the Dark Elixir is not only a lot of work, but it is also hard because most of you will have some Hero upgrade running right now – so you’ll need:

  1. An attacking strategy that doesn’t cost a lot of Dark Elixir
  2. This attacking strategy need to get you at least 1 & 2 Star attacks with only 1 Hero available
  3. A base that protects Dark Elixir


If you’re looking for some base designs to use, always check out if they are having the Dark Elixir Storage in the core and well-protected. You can find some here alog with some more Dark Elixir defending tips:


Upgrading your Heroes is the biggest challenge in Clash of Clans – this will take you so much time and effort, but with some structure and endurance, you’ll be able to do it. Don’t lose your goal and I’ll promise you after a couple of weeks you’ll get used to it.


PS: Before hating in the comments that Heroes should be available during Clan War, please mind that I would love to see that but it’s Supercell’s decision to not do it. Thanks