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From the Dev’s Desk: Legend League Tournaments

From the Dev’s Desk: Legend League Tournaments Hello fellow Clashers! Big changes are coming to the multiplayer leaderboard scene! There are new Leagues, a new Tournament and crazy sounding things like Legend Trophies and, can it be true? Trophy resets? What’s going on? The new Legend League Tournament! It’s true. In the coming update we […]


3 New Spells: Earthquake, Poison and Haste

As we all know, the next Clash of Clans update is going out on June 30th. There are tons of new outstanding features and one of them is the new Spell Factory, which comes with 3 new Spells areEarthquake, Poison and Haste. I think new units/spells always have the highest attention from players, so I’ve […]


New Clash of Clans Update: Dragon level 5

Hey guys! I am very happy to bring to you this awesome good news: We are going to have a new Clash of Clans update next couples of days with plenty of new stunning features. I will keep this page update every hour so bookmark this page and we will explore this superb update! Clash […]


UPDATE 30/04 – Air Sweeper

UPDATE 30/04 – Air Sweeper New anti-air defense: The Air Sweeper   * Push back groups of flying enemies with strong blasts of air! * Air Sweepers deal no damage, but are great at slowing the progress of air attacks * Air Sweepers can only face one way, but can be rotated to a direction […]


February 2015 Update News!

February 2015 Update News! Our latest update takes the Clan experience to the next level. The following new features are now available: Leaders and Co-leaders: choose who you want in your fighting force when you start a Clan War Indicate your preference for Clan Wars on your Player Profile page Collect Clan XP by fighting […]


How do I transfer my village to another device?

How do I transfer my village to another device? To transfer the village to another device, please follow the steps below:   iOS-iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Make sure that the village you want to transfer is already linked to your Game Center account. Then, sign into the same Game Center on the device you’d […]


Coming soon: Change your name

Coming soon: Change your name We’ve heard you — we’ve heard you loud and clear. All Clashers want a village with the best possible name, and so many of you have written in to ask for a chance to change the name of it. So, that’s why we’re currently working on a feature that will […]

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