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Base Designs for Clash of Clans

ban - hectorite-base-th9-1

Hectorite – Phenomenal War Base for TH9

Hi guys! Today I’m going to give you a new phenomenal Town Hall 9 base for Trophypushing/Clan Wars. Although it looks like just a simple base with a few boxes but let’s take a look meticulously to see how actually this base works. You will love it! Hectorite’s Features Anti-Hog Rider/Giants: No matter where the […]

ban - the-deceiver-base-th10-1

The Deceiver – TH10 Teaser Farming Base

The Deceiver is a new awesome farming base for Town Hall 10 which was designed by AustinSS. This is a teaser base and looks like it is pretty easy to get the Storages inside but most attackers can’t do what they want… During the testing time in Crystal leagues, this base was hit plenty of […]

ban - crux-farming-base-layout-th9

Crux: Flawless Farming Base Layout for Town Hall 9/10

This is the new version of the old Crux base from Ash which was introduced to you on CoCland couples of months ago. This version with the second Air Sweeperand plenty of new improvements, which has been tested by a large number of testers for weeks, bring to all your resources the flawless protection! There […]

ban - undefeatable-th9-troll-base

Undefeatable Town Hall 9 Troll Base for Pushing Trophy

If you are trying to find the fastest ways to go to Master league, you can’t miss this troll Town Hall 9 base. Of course this base is defeatable, the name “Undefeatable” refers to the way almost players attack this base: Attacking from the core. The author of this base gained up to 849 trophies […]

ban - common-mistakes-design-coc

6 Common Mistakes While Designing Base

In this topic, I am going to show you 6 most common mistakes that Clash of Clans players usually get while designing base layouts and the ways to fix and avoid them. Of course you don’t need to follow all suggestions in this post If the loot you can farm well as you always have […]


The Qualifier: Town Hall 10 Farming Base

The Qualifier is a new farming base for Town Hall 10 made from AustinSS. I have been testing this new base layout. After dozens defenses, I have found it works perfectly against most common attack strategies at Master I. You can see recent defense logs with decent army compositions at the end of this post. […]


Tropical Loot Forest: Town Hall 10 Farming Base

This Tropical Loot Forest is a new farming base design for Town Hall 10 from Yango with solid defensive layers, perfect traps placements, gives the maximum protection for not only your resources but also a decent part ofcollectors. This base layout has been testing for months in Crystal leagues. Attackers who use common farming strategies […]

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