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3 Star Attacking Guide GoBoLaLoon

In this very guide, I’ll discuss one of the most used attacks nowadays, the GoBoLaLoon attack.It’s an overpowered strategy at TH9 and often used at TH10 – I’ve also seen this attack at TH11. Now, some of you may ask – Why GoBoLaLoon? Why not LaLoon/GoLaLoon? Although iit’sa very popular strategy now,s ome of you might be thinking, What […]


Top 6 Ways To Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Gems are helpful for every single Clasher out there – but they are expensive and I know that many don’t want to spend hard-earned money to buy them in the shop. The good news is, there are also different ways how you can get Gems in Clash of Clans for free, without spending a single Dollar! […]


Keep Seasonal Obstacles Guide

From time to time, Clash of Clans has events that have seasonal obstacles, special obstacles that grow in your base only for a limited time  – the Christmas Event in December and the Halloween Event in October for example, but also the 5th Anniversary of Clash of Clans in August 2017 has a special seasonal obstacle. These events have […]


Upgrade Heroes Correctly

Upgrading your Heroes is, on one hand, the most important thing to do in Clash of Clans and on the other hand also the most frustrating and annoying thing as well. Suit yourself because you will have to do it and there’s no way to avoid it if you want to have fun in Clash […]


Anti LaLoon (Anti Air) Base Designs and Tactics

If you’re Town Hall 9 and above, your base very likely gets hit by LaLoon (also called LavaLoon) attacks frequently. Air attacks are popular without any doubt, so it’s about time to make an Anti LaLoon Base (and give them a hard time attacking your base). In the first part of this guide I will show you how LaLoon […]


Farming with GiBarch

Farming strategies are several out there and I already features the famous Goblin Knife as well as the BabyLoon strategy, and now I want to present you another one that works well for all Town Hall Level (yes, even against maxed Town Hall 11 bases) and it’s called GiBarch – a combination of Giants, Barbarians and Archers. How […]


The Top 8 Must-Know Clash of Clans Tips

Tip #1. Save Your Gems When you start playing Clash off Clans, you begin with 500 gems. By the end of the tutorial, you end up losing nearly 50 gems by completing structures instantly as instructed by the tutorial. If you instead save your gems, you will be able to add extra builders at a […]


Friendly Clan Wars Challenge – New Clash of Clans Feature!

Hey guys it’s me again with the latest news of the upcoming big Clash of Clans update. In this update, Supercell is going to release the new Friendly Clan Wars feature. So how does this new feature works? Let’s take a closer look! Friendly Clan War Challenge Clash of Clans This new feature allows any […]


How to choose the right Spells for your Army

Okay guys, today I am going to give you a quick guide on choosing the right spells for your Clash of Clans army. How to choose the right spells for your Army As we all know, most attacks we use from late Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 11 have 2-stage attack plans. For example, […]


[100% Working] Clash of Clans Builder Hack

How you should construct your village is going to depend on what type of Clash of Clans base builder you are exactly. For example, if your primary reason for playing the game is farming you’re going to want to set things up a little differently than if you want to go out and pillage every […]

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