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Max TH11 Bowler 3-Star Strategy – Why You Must Upgrade Walls!

Hey guys, In our last war we managed to 3 star the enemy number 1 base who in terms of defensive buildings was pretty much entirely maxed out. I.e. Maxed Heroes, the new maxed X-bows, Mortars and Teslas etc. (Although weirdly no Bomb Towers…)… Max Town Hall 11 Bowler 3 Star Strategy …However, there was […]


Army Training Revamp & Quick Train

Army Training Revamp & Quick Train Clash training is an old system with a LOT of quirks. Multiple queues, training capacities, timers, tabs and more tabs – there has to be a better way! Reducing unnecessary complexity is what our design value of Simplicity is all about, so we’ve vastly streamlined the training process. We’ve also […]


Halloween Update is here!

Halloween Update is here!     Boosted Brews & Bones! It’s that spooky time of year! For a limited time: Boost Spell brewing for 1 GEM Cheaper & faster training for Skeleton Spells, Witches, Balloons & Wall Breakers Beware: chilling surprises are known to appear during this very spooky time of year. Happy Halloween, Chief!


Friendly Clan Wars Challenge – New Clash of Clans Feature!

Hey guys it’s me again with the latest news of the upcoming big Clash of Clans update. In this update, Supercell is going to release the new Friendly Clan Wars feature. So how does this new feature works? Let’s take a closer look! Friendly Clan War Challenge Clash of Clans This new feature allows any […]


Bomb Tower – Clash of Clans October 2016 Update

Hey guys! It’s me again with the new sneak peek of the big Clash of Clans October 2016 Update: The Bomb Tower! Bomb Tower Clash of Clans The new Bomb Tower is going to be added into the game soon in this big Clash of Clans October 2016 update! Players will be able to build […]


New Clash of Clans Reworked Army Training System!

Hey guys! This is the second sneak peek of the current super big Clash of Clans October 2016 Update! The second sneak peek shows us everything about the new reworked Army Training window in game. Let’s take a look for more details my friend! New Clash of Clans Reworked Army Training System! All troop and […]


Clash of Clans October 2016 Update: Everything you need to know

Hey guys, today Supercell has announced the upcoming big Clash of Clans October 2016! There will be a lot of balancing changes and new stuffs! I will do my best to update this page as soon as possible so please bookmark this page to keep everything updated! New sneak peeks and leaked information will be […]


Clash of Clans Design Values

The Clash of Clans team’s goal has always been to build a game that people would play not just for weeks or months, but for years. Achieving this goal is an epic challenge that keeps the fire lit under our team. So how do we tackle this? To help you better understand how we think […]


Clash of Clans August 2016 Balance Changes

Hello guys, finally Supercell is back for the next Clash of Clan major update. In the meanwhile, we have some small changes to make the game much more balanced! Let’s take a look! Clash of Clans August 2016 Balance Changes Cannon’s damage increased for levels from 11 to 14 This is a good update from […]


Upcoming Healer changes

Upcoming Healer changes     There’s been a lot of discussion about the recently announced change to make Healers once again trigger air traps. There are concerns especially regarding how it might affect the “Queen walk” or “Super Queen” strategy, where an attack begins with a high level Archer Queen flanked by at least four […]

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