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HoGoWiWi – Best 3 Stars Attack Strategy for Early TH9

Because of the low level troops and Heroes, finding a decent army composition for getting 3 stars in Clan War at early Town Hall 9 is not easy at all. Using Mass Hog Rider is not a bad choice but we can’t use it on all bases. Lots of new TH9 players are using GoWiPe […]


3Go Earthquake Strategy

3Go EarthQuake is a nice strategy for you to deal with any Town Hall 8 base which is pretty spread out (not good for Hogs) and can be opened up by Earthquake Spells (It just has 2-3 remaining boxes after the Earthquake). Just go with this strategy If you are at mid-late Town Hall 8. […]


GAG Dark Elixir Farming Strategy

Today I have found a great new Dark Elixir farming strategy from Rijjle which is called GAG (because of the primary troops are Giants, Archers and Goblins). Although this Dark Elixir farming strategy requires a small amount of Dark Elixir but the pros of it are you can use tier 1 troops in the Clan […]

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