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Upgrade Heroes Correctly

Upgrading your Heroes is, on one hand, the most important thing to do in Clash of Clans and on the other hand also the most frustrating and annoying thing as well. Suit yourself because you will have to do it and there’s no way to avoid it if you want to have fun in Clash […]


Anti Witch Base Designs and Tactics

If you’re Town Hall 9 and above, your will probably have seen a significant increase of attacks against your base with Witches (I’m speaking of more than 4 Witches, mostly knows as “Witch Slap“), so I thought it might be helpful for you if I help you creating an Anti-Witch Base. In the first part of […]


How to farm in Titan League

Hey everyone, Chucky here! Now I’ll admit it – I’ve never been the biggest fan of farming, I’m more a war kind of guy but recently (since the update) I’ve noticed how much easier farming is high up in Titan League. For as long as I can remember, Clash of Clans has had its best […]


Max TH11 Bowler 3-Star Strategy – Why You Must Upgrade Walls!

Hey guys, In our last war we managed to 3 star the enemy number 1 base who in terms of defensive buildings was pretty much entirely maxed out. I.e. Maxed Heroes, the new maxed X-bows, Mortars and Teslas etc. (Although weirdly no Bomb Towers…)… Max Town Hall 11 Bowler 3 Star Strategy …However, there was […]


How to use GoHo Without Spells at Town Hall 8

GoHo is definitely one of the most popular attacking strategies in Clash of Clans, beside Mass Dragons and GoVa. Players always use Spells to support the main army, of course. But what about when it is being upgraded? Is it better to skip the Clan Wars. Well, I think you should take a look at […]


Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5 Guide

These days, we can hear a lots people talking about Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5. So what exactly they are? I am gonna tell you all about them in this Clash of Clans Guide! Basically, the way Town Hall 9.5 works is the same as TH 8.5 so I will just talk about the TH […]


Best Clan Castle Troops for dealing with Poison Spell

Due to the new update, when Poison Spelldoesn’t affect idle clan troops anymore, I am here to show you the new best Clan Castle Troop combinations, which can easily survive the Poison Spell and ruins your opponent’s attacks. Which troops can survive a Poison Spell? The table below shows you how much damage a Poison […]


Town Hall 9 Anti-3 Custom War Base

Hey guys, today It’s jonrdavies here and today I am very glad to introduce to you guys this new stunning Town Hall 9 Clan War Base which was designed by me! Last year, I tried lots of popular Town Hall 9 War Bases but after months, I found that none of them worked reliablely. So, […]


How to weigh your base in Clan Wars – Updated Sheet

The Clan War matchmaking system in Clash of Clans bases the way it works on the data which is called “weight”.  The total weight of all the villages which join the War of your Clan decides who will be your next competitor! For example, Assuming that your Clan’s weight in this War is 5000 so […]


How to make 5,000 DE in 5 Minutes

Hello my friends, today I’m going to share my best farming strategy to quickly make around 5000 Dark Elixir in just about 5 minutes every morning when you wake up or make around 50,000 Dark Elixir per day by playing less than an hour total of Clash of Clans every day and this is all […]

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