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How to upgrade Mortar effectively

Mortars are one of the first defensive buildings which can be built in game from Town Hall 3, do splash damage but have a quite slow attack speed (5 seconds each shot). At low Town Hall levels (3-6), Mortars are really important because most players at this level still can’t deploy troops properly and do […]


The best time to upgrade The Barbarian King

There are plenty of answers and opinions for one of the most popular questions in Clash of Clans: What is the best time to upgrade the Barbarian King? He is one of two Heroes in game, which requires a lot of time and also Dark Elixir to upgrade. By knowing the answer of the question […]

ban - ash-master-leagues-farming-guide

Ultimate Guide to Farming at Master League

As we all know, the Master League is a perfect place for farming all 3 resources: Gold, Elixir and especially Dark Elixir. Couples of weeks before I wrote a quick guide about best army compositions you should use while farming at Master Leagues but today I am going to give you all details of the […]

ban - super-queen-strategy

Super Archer Queen Strategy

Over the last couple of weeks I have been noticing a hefty amount of people in my clan, and also even on YouTube, that have discovered a new way to get lots of Dark Elixir in just one sitting on Clash of Clans. I have absolutely no idea where this strategy came about or who […]

ban - common-mistakes-while-luring-clan-troops

Some Tips for Luring Clan Troops

Luring Clans troops at starting is one of the most important steps when you attack a village. If you fail, it will ruin your whole attack so bad. It is not hard to lureClan Castle troops out without mistakes. In this guide, I’m gonna show you all common mistakes and the ways to deal with […]

ban- best-clan-castles

Best Clan Castle Troops for dealing with Poison Spell

These days, attackers now don’t lure Clan troops out and take them down with troops as much as before because of the new Poison spell , which can deal damage to defense Clan Castle troops and slow them. By doing this, the attackers can save their troops to raid much better. In this guide, we […]

ban - road-to-max-heroes

Ash’s Journey to Max Heroes! How to Farm Dark Elixir Fast! Vol. 1

Hey guys, my name is Ash and I’ll be going on a new and epic journey of maxing out my heroes and my town hall 9 base. I will be upgrading both of my heroes at the same time at all times, AND without boosting. In fact, I won’t be using any gems on this […]

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